Spirulina Powder (2lb)

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By popular demand, we now are offering two pounds of our best selling, Non-GMO California grown Spirulina. We decided to offer a two pound variety because we wanted to use less plastic and offer better deals to our customers.

MAJU's Spirulina is NOT Organic. Here's Why:

"Organic" Spirulina is not a product of the USA, and undergoes a potentially dangerous irradiation process. Why settle for Spirulina from China, Mongolia, or India that may bring harmful contamination? Not to worry -- our spirulina is pesticide and herbicide free, NON-GMO, and Kosher. We not only sell the best tasting, purest California grown spirulina, but we also give you the best deal. Each customer is a new conversation for us, and we want to make sure you're feeling the good MAJU vibes just like we are. I know you will be one of those happy customers once you try out Maju Superfoods.

Growing spirulina is an artform, and the growers of our spirulina have truly mastered it.

Our spirulina is carefully grown in purified manmade tanks, and hand cultivated to remove impurities. Instead of treating it with chemicals, our spirulina is meticulous harvested to ensure there is no contamination. In addition to this, our farm is isolated and free from other cross-contamination from airborne chemicals. Instead of obsessing about whether something is labelled as "organic," you should obsess about the growing conditions, the soil, the air, the heavy metals in the harvest, and (most importantly) the people involved. That's were we come in!
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