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About Us

This is Ryan, Co-Founder of Maju Superfoods.

I wanted to give you a little history on why Maju is a thing.

Overworked, Over-stressed.

Back in 2013, I was enrolled in law school down in San Diego, and constantly finding myself absolutely stressed and panicky over exams and did not have time to take care of myself. 

(Law school tends to do that to people, and I was another victim. Maybe you are going through some stress as well?)

Instead of running from the problem, I tried to find other solutions. I tried many things such as cutting out carbs completely (ended up super exhausted because I did not replace it with another viable energy source, such as fat), and drinking hundreds of cups of coffee per month. I found myself constantly crashing and falling asleep in lecture, which wasn't going to cut it in this hyper-competitive environment.

Embarrassment, Fatigue.

After getting embarrassed a few times in class, I knew something had to change...

Then I met with a close friend who had been involved in juicing, and I discovered spirulina. I started slowly with Spirulina, as the taste was a bit odd...but it grew on me.

As I gradually dialed back my coffee addiction and replace it with juicing and nutrient rich foods, I started to come alive again. (By the way, I still drink coffee, just not as much!)

Organic Is Not Always the Best Choice.

As I was buying organic spirulina online I noticed that the majority of it was sourced from China. I do not personally have anything against China (my wife is actually Chinese, but that's another story...), but their food safety regulations are questionable, to say the least. Upon further investigation I found out that organic spirulina is filled with dangerous metals.

(Here's a study that supports this:

That's when the lightbulb went on...

Maybe Organic is not always the best choice?

I shared this information with a close friend (the best man at my wedding), who was obsessed with health foods, and we decided to create a company that sells products that are clean.

Products that meet a higher standard that we would be willing to take ourselves.

And that's why we created Maju Superfoods.

We go the extra mile and find the best stuff on the planet, and that's why we're growing at such a rapid pace. Maybe you will be one of those customers that chooses us?

Cheers, and thanks for checking us out!

The Maju Motto:

Our motto and goal will always be to provide you with the utmost cleanest and natural superfood products enriched by mother-nature and not by any other man-made products. We strive and promise to only offer products naturally grown, free of man-made additives, and other harmful contaminants that may negatively affect our health.

We also take very careful considerations as to where our superfoods are grown – as quality and purity is a direct correlation to how, what, when, and where our superfoods are cultivated. We promise to never lower our standards to cut cost, we are devoted to finding the finest raw ingredients and only offer the best and highest-quality finished products mother nature has to offer.

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