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Our Goal: Healthy Addictions

We Created Maju Because We Had To

This is Ryan, Co-Founder of Maju Superfoods.

Years before we were known for our Black Seed Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Maca, & more, we were students searching for solutions to our problems.

Back in 2013, I was enrolled in law school down in San Diego, and constantly finding myself absolutely stressed and panicky over exams and did not have time to take care of myself. 

(Law school tends to do that to people, and I was another victim. Maybe you are going through some stress as well?)

Instead of running from the problem, I tried to find other solutions. I tried many things such as cutting out carbs completely (ended up super exhausted because I did not replace it with another viable energy source, such as fat), and drinking hundreds of cups of coffee per month. I found myself constantly crashing and falling asleep in lecture, which wasn't going to cut it in this hyper-competitive environment.

Embarrassment, Fatigue.

After getting embarrassed a few times in class, I knew something had to change...

Then I met with a close friend who had been involved in juicing, and I discovered spirulina. I started slowly with Spirulina, as the taste was a bit odd...but it grew on me. Spirulina helped me feel better and quickly became a daily routine for me-- a healthy addiction.

In my deep dive into health after Spirulina I also discovered many other natural products with histories dating back thousands of years, including Black Seed Oil, Moringa, and medicinal mushrooms (not the kind that make you trip).

Our Friends Started to Notice...

My co-founder and I are experimenters by nature so we tried dozens of different products trying to finds things that works for us.

We felt better and were basically shouting from the rooftops, telling all of our friends what we were up to.

The thing is, we did not have a reputable source to refer them to.

As we searched for quality Spirulina, Black Seed Oil, and other herbs we noticed there was little transparency and quality control.

...We did not feel comfortable sending our friends to Jack's Magical Healing Shop in the middle of nowhere where Jack does not even understand what a Certificate of Analysis is!

There are lots of middle men in the industry that do not truly care about the quality of what they sell, they are simply in it to make a quick buck.

And that's why we created Maju Superfoods. 

We want to help our friends and customers create healthy addictions with potent herbs, oils, and superfoods from around the world.

The Maju Motto:

Our motto and goal will always be to make it easier for you to add healthy addictions to your life.

We also take very careful considerations as to where our superfoods are grown–as quality and purity is a direct correlation to how, what, when, and where our superfoods are cultivated.

We promise to never lower our standards to cut cost, we are devoted to finding the finest raw ingredients and only offer the best and highest-quality finished products out there so you can create healthy addictions in your life.