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Sea Moss Capsules Vs. Gel: What Should You Choose?

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So, you’ve heard about Irish Sea Moss, its rich nutrient profile and all of its potential benefits, your interest is peaked and you’re ready to give it a try. But where do you start? Wild moss comes in several forms: raw, as an already made gel or powdered into capsules or gummies. For the purpose of this article, we will look at some of the pros and cons of both raw sea moss gel and capsules, to help you make an informed decision on how to try this super seaweed.


 One purple, one pink, one white sea moss gel smoothies

Sea Moss Gel


One of the most common and popular ways to consume sea moss is in its gel form. But unless you purchase already made gel, you will have to make it yourself. This process is quite simple, yet time consuming as it requires ample time for soaking the raw, dehydrated sea moss (12-24 hours), before rinsing, blending, and properly storing the finished product. You can follow our 5 easy steps to making your own sea moss gel here:

How To Make Sea Moss Gel: Five Easy Steps


Once you have your gel made, it can be added to smoothies, soups, broths, and more. Because of its natural carrageen content, it can even be used as a thickener in stews or other creative recipes while adding a nutritious punch to any dish.


On top of that, you can also apply the gel topically as a face mask or directly to the skin for its anti-aging properties.


If you plan to use sea moss gel, the daily dose is 1-2 Tablespoons per day.


Sea Moss Capsules

Simply put, capsules contain the powderized version of sea moss. The harvested seaweed is washed, dried, and ground into a potent, highly nutritious powder before being encapsulated and packaged for consumption.  


Sea Moss Capsules Vs. Gel: The Pros & Cons


Sea Moss Gel Pros:


  • Versatility: can be consumed orally or applied topically on the skin

  • Easy to blend into smoothies

  • Easy ingredient to add additional nutrition to any recipe

  • Can use as natural thickener in soups, stews, deserts, etc

  • An alternative option for those who cannot swallow pills

Sea Moss Gel Cons:


  • Takes time to soak and prepare the gel

  • Short shelf-life: up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator

  • Inconsistent potency

  • Some may not like the flavor/texture

Sea Moss Capsule Pros:


  • No preparation necessary

  • Higher level of bioavailability (you only need a small amount compared to gel to get the same potency and effect)

  • Long shelf-life: up to two years

  • Convenience: easy to take with you on the go

  • Consistent dosage

  • Has no flavor

Sea Moss Capsule Cons:


  • Cannot use topically on the skin

  • Cannot be used as a natural thickener for recipes like soups and stews

Sea Moss Capsules Vs. Gel: A Quick Recap


The four main differences between these two forms of sea moss that are worth noting are their preparation, shelf-life, bioavailability, and how they are consumed.


Gel is prepared by soaking, blending, and storing. Capsules require no extra preparation.


The shelf-life of gel is much shorter than its counterpart. Gel can last up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator when sealed in an air-tight container. Capsules, however, have a shelf-life of up to two years.


Capsules deliver a specific, measured amount of nutrients with every dose, while sea moss gel does not offer a nutritional breakdown with each batch you make.


Finally, gel needs to be measured out and blended into a smoothie, drink, or recipe in order to be consumed, but has the added benefit of being able to be used topically. Capsules are much more convenient in that you just swallow them down with whatever liquid you have on hand, but you cannot reap its topical benefits or use to experiment with in the kitchen.




At the end of the day, regardless of which form you choose, you will be blessing your body with 92 of the 102 vitamins and minerals that the human body needs to survive and thrive. When it comes to choosing which form to take, the main differences to consider are the convenience, ease of preparation, and shelf-life.


Capsules immediately stick out as the best choice for those who are short on time and want an easy way to quickly get in those extra nutrients.


Gel, however, is a wonderful choice for those who like to enjoy drinking their sea moss, experiment with different recipes in the kitchen, use for its topical benefits, or who cannot swallow pills.


Medical Disclaimer


Please speak with your doctor or other licensed healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement including Irish Sea Moss. None of the content on this site is or should be considered medical advice. The purpose of this article is simply to highlight relevant research for those curious about the potential benefits of consuming Irish Sea Moss.


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