Maju Superfoods® | Clean Superhuman Fuel™ Products The ultimate product feed for Facebook - part of the Pixel Perfect app by wyred-up shopify_1430698950759_12679628324967Full spectrum hemp oil extract for pain and anxiety, mint flavor by maju herbs™ why maju's hemp oil?maju's hemp oil is pure and potent. we love full spectrum hemp extract because: ✅it is a powerful & natural way to calm down✅i Maju Superfoods new 1430698950759in stockhealth & beauty > health carehemp oil 29.99USD shopify_2125173981287_20163307831399Maca capsules, strongest red, yellow & black organic root powder with black pepper extract maca+ is a strong combination of red, yellow and black maca with black pepper extract thousands of maju superfoods customers have requested that we re Maju Superfoods® | Clean Superhuman Fuel™ new 2125173981287in stockFood, Beverages & Tobaccomaca 24.99USD shopify_759483072615_8211321192551Maju™ black seed oil why consume black seed oil?we discovered black seed oil a few years back when we were looking for healthy fats and oils to incorporate into our diet. Maju Superfoods new 759483072615in stockFood, Beverages & Tobaccoblack seed oil 24.99USD shopify_9890147469_41057490893Maju™ organic ashwagandha root powder Watch our product demo video:why you need maju's ashwagandha root powderback in 2015 we discovered a very interesting drink that was warm milk, honey, Maju Superfoods new 9890147469in stockhealth & beauty > health care > fitness & nutrition > vitamins & supplementsashwagandha powder 19.99USD shopify_5702430977_17475539329Maju™ organic camu camu powder: from peru, pure, 100% raw So, what exactly is camu camu?  ah, the camu camu fruit. an amazingly nutritious peruvian treat. camu camu is a fruit that originates from south amer Maju Superfoods new 5702430977in stockhealth & beauty > health care > fitness & nutritionpowder 19.99USD shopify_8245902913_27586028609Maju™ organic gelatinized maca powder (8oz): non-gmo, from peru What is maca powder? maca is known as the worlds highest growing plant, and is packed with energy enhancing properties and extreme nutrient density. a Maju Superfoods new 8245902913out of stockhealth & beauty > health care > fitness & nutrition > vitamins & supplementsmaca powder 19.99USD shopify_10466778637_40606935949Maju™ organic wheatgrass juice powder Utah volcanic soil grown, organic, simply the best wheatgrass aroundmany customers refer to our wheatgrass juice powder as the most potent wheatgrass Maju Superfoods new 10466778637in stockhealth & beauty > health care > fitness & nutrition > vitamins & supplementswheatgrass juice powder 37.00USD shopify_10526653645_41532914701Mental mushrooms™ - reishi, cordyceps, chaga, lion's mane 8:1 extract blend (80g) powerful mental boost, from natural mushrooms we love adding mushrooms to our coffee and tea, so we decided to make the ultimate blend of premium, usa Maju Superfoods new 10526653645in stockhealth & beauty > health care > fitness & nutrition > vitamins & supplementsmushroom powder 27.99USD shopify_6716342721_15402890723431Organic moringa powder: pure, non-gmo, best tasting moringa oleifera what is moringa? moringa is a fruit that originates from south america and himalayan foothills. it has been harvested and eaten for thousands of years maju superfoods new 6716342721in stockhealth & beauty > health care > fitness & nutrition > vitamins & supplementsmoringa powder 22.99USD shopify_9496033613_35108912845Spirulina powder (2 lb.): non-irradiated, non-gmo, vegan, gluten-free Jumbo 2 pound size!by popular demand, we now are offering two pounds of our best selling, non-gmo california grown spirulina. we decided to offer a tw Maju Superfoods new 9496033613in stockhealth & beauty > health care > fitness & nutrition > vitamins & supplementsspirulina powder 74.99USD shopify_5637183297_35157112973Spirulina powder - california grown, non-gmo, preferred to hawaiian, better than organic what is spirulina?spirulina is an ancient organism, and in fact is one of the oldest on earth. spirulina is actually a spiral-shaped microalgae that g Maju Superfoods new 5637183297in stockhealth & beauty > health care > fitness & nutritionspirulina powder 22.99USD