Top 5 Moringa Benefits: What is Moringa Powder & Should you Try It?

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We at Maju Superfoods are proud of our Moringa. We have carefully chosen where we source it from to provide customers with only the best and most natural form of the moringa powder. Moringa is one of the most highly touted superfoods, which is why we chose to listen to customers and give you this amazing powder!

What Is Moringa and What Are the Top 5 Benefits?

Moringa, also known as moringa olifiera, is a tree, which is native to India but also grows in Indonesia, Thailand, and Africa. It is often used as a source of food in these countries because it can grow in various climates, and it serves as a great way to alleviate malnutrition as well as a cheap alternative to medicine. 

The leaves of the moringa are what are often used. When the moringa leaves are brewed or dried, the potency is increased, and the leaves are then turned into a powder. What does this all mean? A litany of benefits!

  1. Rich in Antioxidants and Reduces Inflammation

It means moringa is rich in antioxidants and often reduces inflammation. Quercetin, beta-carotene, and Vitamin C act together to balance blood sugar, help with diabetes, and balance histamine production in the body.  In other words, it can lower cholesterol, increase immune function, and lower blood sugar levels—great for diabetes prevention and those who already have diabetes.

  1. Balancing Cholesterol Levels

Reducing inflammation can also help with lowering cholesterol levels. In lowering cholesterol levels, it prevents your risk of coronary artery disease and other health problems. Thus, moringa can naturally boost your heart health!

  1. Natural Energy Boost

Because moringa has a lot of essential amino acids and a variety of vitamins, many claim a noticeable increase in their energy levels.  In particular, moringa has Vitamin B, magnesium and potassium. The vitamin B absorbs the magnesium and potassium and in turn reduces anxiety, depression, headaches, and fatigue. Vitamin B1 naturally also converts sugar into energy, thereby giving a natural energy boost. While you may think you shouldn’t take it before bed, it is completely okay to do so because moringa promotes relaxation mentally and physically. Moreover, moringa’s vitamin and essential amino acids work together to naturally increase your sex drive.

  1. Brain Health and Mood Booster

Moringa contains another amino acid—tryptophan—which you may be familiar with.  It helps aid in the production of serotonin levels. The more serotonin, the better you feel therefore balancing your mood. 

  1. Natural Detox Of the Body

As you know, the liver detoxifies and eliminates harmful substances in our body, which in turn help with digestion. When we have a clogged liver, we have all sorts of problems with digestion, hormones, a foggy brain, and just diminished mental health overall.  Moringa helps by restoring liver enzymes so that the liver can carry out bile production, blood detoxification, fat metabolism, and much more. And, as mentioned above, moringa reduces inflammation in the liver so that it can work more efficiently.

Other Benefits To Consider

Studies have been done, which show that among mothers of pre-term infants who consumed moringa, milk prodction increased. However, we suggest for those pregnant and breastfeeding, you read below for cautions!

Which Vitamins and Minerals are in Moringa?

Moringa is vegan friendly, gluten free, soy free, and dairy free, so this powder is great for everyone!

The powder’s benefits are impressive and rare as it contains:

  • vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc, phosphorous, … and much more. 

 It also includes essential amino acids like:

  • histidine, lysine, henylanaline, methionine, threonine, leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

When compared to matcha powder, moringa has more fiber, protein, sodium, vitamin C and vitamin A.  It is also a great source of protein while matcha is not.

What Are Some Potential Side Affects?

Combining Moringa with Synthetic Ingredients

This powder seems too good to be true; it has just about everything one could want as far as natural benefits go.  Is there anything else to consider?  Many have concerns about how moringa is taken.  Often, moringa may be mixed with other synthetic ingredients affecting how much one should take.  If you do decide to take moringa that is combined with such ingredients, be sure to understand how much you are taking daily. We strongly recommend buying the purest form of moringa that you can find. 

Breast Feeding Concerns

One of the biggest questions we receive at Maju Superfoods is whether one can take moringa during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.  Research and articles show there is not enough evidence to show it is completely safe, and complications are possible.  To be safe, we strongly recommend talking to your doctor for supervised use of moringa or to completely avoid it until you are done breast-feeding.

What Can Moringa Be Used In?

It can be used in teas, but it is also great in smoothies, sprinkled on salads and baked goods, soups, sandwiches, and much more. For new moringa starters, many like to mix it with apple juice (or other juices) using just half a teaspoon.  Some will even just mix it with water.  To add flavor, one can always add ginger, lemon, honey, or all of the above! After a few weeks, consumers feel the positive effects and soon after, will eventually begin adding up to two tablespoons in their smoothies.  For recipes, check out Maju Superfoods Instagram and Facebook where other customers share their love of our product and how they have used it! Lots of customers love mixing our products like using Maju Superfoods Moringa with Maju Superfoods Ashwagandha in their smoothies for added benefits! ß hyperlink to ashwagandha.

Why Maju Superfoods Moringa?

Maju Superfoods proudly sources its powder from the native origin itself-- the Himalayan foothills of India.  Because it is in powder form, its beneficial properties are more potent.  

The color of the powder signifies whether the moringa is low grade or whether it is fresh.

Maju Superfoods moringa is always fresh and a vibrant green, so you know we provide you with only the best.


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