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The Best Time To Take Black Seed Oil

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This article will guide you through when and how to take Nigella sativa to experience the best results. We’ll introduce the different forms available for consumption, how to use each one, and how to choose which form is best for you. If you’re wondering ‘What is Black Seed Oil and why would I want to take it in the first place?’, head to our previous post to learn about the history and some of the potential benefits this wonder oil has to offer. 

What Is Black Seed Oil Good For? Four Key Benefits

Hand holding BSO gel capsules

Different Types of Black Seed Oil


This oil has a very distinct, peppery taste – some love it... some would rather find a way around it! Luckily, there are multiple forms available today that give the user some preference and flexibility for how to consume this supplement.


The traditional and most preferred method is drinking the cold-pressed oil. The liquid oil is often chosen because it is the most readily bioavailable option (it gets into your system the quickest) and is also the most versatile.


In addition to consuming orally, it can also be used topically directly on the skin, scalp, or face. We will cover how exactly to use black seed oil for skin in a later post.


The second option is to take the oil in capsule form. Most capsule takers choose this route for its convenience and the ability to skip that unique black seed oil taste altogether.


A third option that is currently gaining in popularity is the consumption of Black Seed Oil Gummies.


When To Take Black Seed Oil


Some studies suggest and most experts say the best time to take black seed oil is in the morning on an empty stomach just after you wake up and then again at night, about an hour before bed. But in all reality, the best time to take black seed oil is... anytime! Yup, that’s right. There’s no perfectly right or wrong time to take the oil. The two biggest factors that will make or break your results are consistency and taking the right dosage.


Some users find it easier to take the oil with food instead of on an empty stomach. Our advice is to find what works the best for you and do that every day.


That being said, if you are using the oil for its weight loss benefits, it may be advantageous to take the oil about 30 minutes prior to eating breakfast in the morning. This can help the oil to have an appetite suppressing effect and in turn, may aid in weight loss. Don’t worry – we will cover all the research on black seed oil and weight loss in a future post.


How To Use Black Seed Oil


Black seed oil has a particularly dense, bitter taste that catches some newbies off guard. Most users simply take it straight with no problem, while others prefer to take with honey or chase it down with orange juice. You can also mix the oil into your coffee or tea, add to sauces or even include it in your salad dressing recipe.


Further, it can be used topically on the skin to spot treat areas of pain or inflammation. Test a small area to check your skin’s tolerance of the oil and dilute with a carrier if needed - coconut or olive oil are great options. It can also be used in hair masks or added to lotion, soap and other cosmeceutical products.


What Is The Recommended Daily Dosage?


The therapeutic dosage is usually to take two teaspoons per day – one teaspoon every morning and one teaspoon at night before sleeping, but some users find 1 teaspoon works well for them. Make sure to check your individual bottle for specific instructions as it can differ from brand to brand depending on the strength of the oil. If you are taking the capsules or gummies, refer to the directions on the packaging for the recommended daily amount.


Always speak with your healthcare provider for personal dosing recommendations. Depending on the desired results, dosing can vary greatly. For example, one medical study found it safe and effective for people with asthma to take 1 mg of black seed oil capsules daily as a supplementary treatment.


Alternatively, in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial for weight loss and another placebo-controlled trial for reducing blood sugar levels, much higher doses were found to be most effective. We hope to see more human studies conducted on specific dosages in the coming years.


Which Form Is Right For You?


Just like there is no wrong time to take black seed oil, there is no wrong form either. It simply comes down to personal preference and what works best for you.


The liquid oil is usually the preferred method since it gets into your system the quickest and allows for a wide range of topical uses. However, it does has a very unique taste that some prefer to avoid. If you find out that's you, that's okay! Try one of the other options, but don't throw your bottle of liquid oil away! Keep that miracle oil on hand for topical use.


The capsules and gummies are both quick and easy to take. They allow the user to skip the taste altogether or make it a more delicious experience overall. If you’re always on the go or traveling, their solid forms make them convenient to take along so that you never miss a dose.




Overall, most black seed oil users take their first dose in the morning and their second at night before bed. Finding the best time to take it for yourself might take a little trial and error, but once you do you'll be on your way to experiencing some amazing health benefits. At the end of the day, the number one goal for someone who wants to get the most out of using this miracle oil to find the form they like the best and take it consistently – every day – no matter what time it is. 


Medical Disclaimer


Please speak with your doctor or other licensed healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement including Black Seed Oil. None of the content on this site is or should be considered medical advice. The purpose of this article is simply to highlight relevant research for those curious about the potential benefits of consuming Black Seed Oil.


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