MAJU's 14-Day Detox Tea: Hand-Blended, Slimming Blend, Caffeine-free

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In Stock
Would you like to Cleanse and Slim Down with Maju's Herbal Supertea?

We wanted to make a Detox Tea that would speak for itself. Our Detox Supertea is hand-blended using old world techniques to give you a natural and revitalizing experience. We want this tea to make you feel great, and so we have chosen only the finest ingredients.

Natural Ingredients, Sourced with Care

Ingredients such as:

✓ juniper leaves
✓ black berry leaves
✓ rosehips
✓ licorice and
✓ sage

These carefully chosen ingredients have been used for detoxifying purposes for centuries, but somewhere along the way humans decided to use unnatural methods to clean the body. This elite combination of detoxifying herbs and elements is designed to merge together the detoxifying gifts that nature has provided for us into one tea -- we are confident you will love it as much as we do.

Our Mission at Maju Superfoods

Maju Superfoods was started in 2014 by two Californian guys that had a passion for superfoods and healthy living. What originally began as a nutritional supplement brand has now grown into other natural "superfoods" such as herbal teas. Tea, although a drink, is still something we love and feel aligns well with our direction. If you have not heard of our company, Maju Superfoods was founded about a year ago and has been embraced by savvy customers for our quality control and delicious all natural ingredients. If you are looking for a tea a cut above the rest, you have found it. (This is loose leaf tea, you will need a tea infuser!)

We know you will love the exotic, light and Fruity Taste of our natural fit Detox Tea.

Enjoy your life, Cleanse, and Slim Down

  • Natural Ingredients, Sourced with Care