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Camu Camu Powder

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About this product

Ah, the Camu Camu fruit. An amazingly nutritious peruvian treat. Camu Camu is a fruit that originates from South America. It has been harvested and eaten for thousands of years and has been coveted for its tangy taste, high nutritional content, and versatility.

Maju's Camu Camu

Our Camu Camu berries are from a small farm in Peru, and are USDA Organic. We compared dozens for taste before choosing this source. 

How will the Elusive Camu Camu Berry Benefit You?

Camu Camu is nature's most intense form of vitamin C (1180% of your daily recommended dose, and no that is not a typo). Because Camu Camu is packed with vitamin C it should help give you a bit of an energy boost!

How does it taste?

If you have never tried Camu Camu before, it has a tangy citrus taste that goes well with fruit smoothies, or as a mix for baked goods. We do not recommend mixing it with water. You need to add this to something to blend the flavor in, such as a baked treat or fruit smoothie.

Why should you buy Maju's Camu Camu?

Maju Superfoods prides itself on providing the best Organic Camu Camu Powder on the market. We have taste tested dozens of different varieties and chose our peruvian growers above the rest. You are going to love this Camu Camu powder.

Try it without any risk -- if for any reason you want a return, we of course guarantee your 100% satisfaction. 

Our Camu Camu Powder is certified USDA Organic, and packaged in the USA. You can rest assured you are getting the highest quality superfood powder available.

Customer Review*: 

Love the purity of the product. "Raw" is very important to me. When I make a smoothie I combine: homemade raw milk kefir with several being this product. I use raw cacao powder, maca powder, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, frozen berries/mango/cherries, and raw honey. The Camu Camu powder is one more layer of added nutrition to my morning meal. I'm thankful we live in a world where we have access to the best of product....merely by searching Truly thankful. I'll order again.

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