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Easy Immunity Bundle

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This bundle was designed to give you the immunity boost you need!* Click each link below to learn more about the items in this bundle

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About this product

Maju’s Easy Immunity Bundle combines the immune boosting properties of Zinc, Irish Sea Moss, and Black Seed Oil. These three products work together to strengthen the immune system, promote healthy joints, and improve the skin. Save $25 and give your immune system what it needs to fight back with this powerful trifecta.

Health Benefits of Zinc*

Fights Inflammation

Helps Blood Sugar Control

Promotes Skin Health

Improves Metabolism Function

Prevents Muscular Degeneration

Health Benefits of Irish Sea Moss*

Boosts Immunity

Improves Skin Health

Supports Healthy Joints

Enhances Digestion

Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil*

Luscious Hair, Glowing Skin, & Strong Nails

Joint Support

Heart Healthy


Immune Boosting

May Support Weight Loss

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