What is MCT Oil? Here are our top 5 Benefits of MCT Oil...

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MCT Oil has been massively popular over the last several years, largely due to the ketogenic diet and the rise of "bulletproof" coffee. We've been huge fans of MCT and its benefits for years, so we decided to write a quick list of the reasons why you need to have some MCT in your life! 


What is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for "medium chain triglyceride." If you're like any normal person, you likely have no idea what that means. Not to worry, we felt the same way just a few years ago!

MCTs are fatty acids. Fatty acids are made of of strings of carbon and hydrogen, and there are many different carbon chain lengths. As you might guess, medium-chain triglycerides are medium length carbons.


Why do you want Medium Length Carbons?

MCTs are digested easily, and will be more easily utilized by your body as fuel, instead of being stored as fat. The body does not have to do as much work to break apart the medium chain carbon bonds. Essentially, you're taking the best fatty acids from the coconut, and giving your body a supercharged dose for quick absorption and use.

MCTs are typically consumed by those on the ketogenic diet, who are looking for a high saturated fat source to fuel their body. With that said, MCT oil has benefits that anyone can take advantage of. Personally, I am not on the ketogenic diet but I add Maju's MCT Oil to my coffee or protein shake every morning. It makes me have extra energy, which is actually noticeable.

If you have been eating muffins or carbs in the morning, try replacing that with a simple cup of coffee loaded with grass-fed butter and Maju's MCT Oil. Try this out and come back to let me know how the experience went. I anticipate you will feel less hunger and more energy. 

Top 5 Benefits of MCT Oil for your Body

1. Weight Loss Control and/or Maintenance

MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) have long been studied against their long and short alternatives, as well as their effects on suppressing and accumulation of body fat. MCT oil has a heating effect that is triggered by the readily used “ketones” utilized fuel for energy (instead of carbohydrates).

This means that our body does not need as many carbs to use as a fuel depot for energy, and will instead use ketones. 

2. Hormone Support and Immune/Gut Wellbeing

MCTs are highly supportive of our gut environment since they have high properties of acids that combat harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. The antiviral and antibacterial properties make MCTs beneficial for a proper immune system to function – additionally when used with a healthy diet, MCTs may help improve our gut health over time.  

Through the fat digestion that occurs, MCTs may offer additional benefits for anyone struggling with hormone imbalance.  There are multiple research that suggest maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can improve hormones and insulin sensitivity.

3. Amazing Energy Source

MCTs are processed in our liver. They’re quickly absorbed and create a sustained energy source for our body.  Unlike many other foods and energy sources, MCTs do not require energy to be absorbed, hence making them the perfect source of natural energy for us.  
MCTs are also not stored by our body for energy, they are quickly burned and have a first-priority source to be used by our body as energy.  

4. Cognitive and Neurological Improvements

Our brain is mostly made up of fatty acids, so to feel better, think clearly, and perform at the top of our game, we need a fuel source that protects and improve the body and brain connection to stay sharp.
MCTs help us stay in ketosis, the condition that largely is responsible for improving our bacterial gut health, performance, growth, and digestion of nutrients such as proteins and fibers.

5. Antioxidant Properties

Lastly, MCTs contain high antioxidant properties, especially those derived from the coconut source that has many anti-inflammatory benefits that support heart health, weight gain due to slowed metabolism, and brain health.

Why choose coconut based MCT oil over palm?

There has been a backlash against the destruction of our ecosystems caused by major palm oil companies. These companies are quickly destroying rainforests to make room for farming palm oils.

The word “Sustainability” goes out the window and tropical locations around the equator are now quickly changing from biological rainforest with dense species of wild orangutans and many other endangered species to palm oil cultivation farm lands.

To make it worse, the palm fruit oil and palm kernel oil are very high in saturated fatty acids.  A study done by the Journal of Clinical Investigation, animals that were fed with a high diet of palmitic acid showed changes in their central nervous systems in the way they control their insulin secretion and suppression of their body’s natural appetite suppressing regulation.
Virgin coconut oil is derived from the milk and meat of fresh coconuts.  Palm oil on the other hand lacks the sterilization process, & is heated at higher temperature due to the extraction requirements. The heating causes it to lose important nutritious enzymes and oxidation properties. 
Coconut oil does not go through this extensive heating and sterilization.  This heavily changes the nutrition content and reduces the anti-oxidant properties by approximately 30%.

Overall, there are definitely more disadvantages to choosing a palm derived MCT.

That's why we only sell 100% Coconut MCT Oil, and that's why you need to have some coconut MCTs in your life. It is an excellent supercharged alternative to coconut oil!



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