Guarana Health Benefits: The Mysterious Energy Booster

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We here at Maju Superfoods love every boosters, and Guarana is a good one. Guarana, also known as Paullinia Cupana, is commonly used as an energy booster. It contains more caffeine than coffee and has a content rate of 2-5%. Guarana is usually found in caffeine capsules, soft drinks and energy drinks, such as Nos, Monster, Rock Star and Full Throttle. In the Amazon, it is also sold as an aphrodisiac. There are also small amounts of guarana that can be found in some herbal teas.

To be honest, the appearance of this stuff sorta gives me the creeps. But hey… it is good for you, so I can overlook the appearance!

Guarana’s Health Benefits have been known for years — as you could probably guess, it was first used in South America. Brazil has a particular affinity for the stuff; it is a primary ingredient in the soft drink Guarana Antarctica. The only drink that is sold more than Guarana Antarctica is Coca Cola. It is a relatively unknown fact that Brazil is one of the largest soft drink consuming countries in the world. Throughout South America, Guarana is one of the most popular ways to take in caffeine. Those two facts together has led to an extreme popularity and consumption of this stimulant.

Over the last decade or so, carts selling Guarana as an aphrodisiac began appearing in Brazil. These carts sell the stimulant as a drink blended with crushed ice. One such cart sold guarana as a “love potion” blended with many herbs and fruits. The formula for these aphrodesiatical drinks varies amongst sellers but they generally include nuts, aphrodisiac roots or barks and Guarana syrup or powder. The drink can also be prepared as a smoothie in some cafes.

Guarana is grown on farms either by itself or amongst other crops. It is harvested in the dry season by hand or if the entire plant is ripe, it is snipped by shears or scissors. The seeds are then roasted for several hours before being smoked for a few weeks to bring out the unique flavor. The smoked seeds can last for a year and still retain freshness. If they are not smoked, the Guarana seeds are taken to an industrial plant and ground into powder that is used in drinks today.

Guarana causes many effects when consumed, most of them positive. The biggest effect, as examined in several clinical trials, is that the stimulant improves your memory and how long you can stay alert during the day. It has also been proven that Guarana improves a persons mood. These affects can be noticed with even a small dose of 75mg. During a study performed on rats, it was observed that it improved both physical and mental abilities as well.

The biggest advantage of them all, one that most consumers are not aware of, is that Guarana can help a person lose weight. In one study, conducted over a period of 45 weeks, patients were given a dose of 75mg of guarana per day and at the end of the study they reported a weight loss of 11 lbs on average. There is no reason for this that can be explained medically, but most believe it is because the stimulant makes you feel full. This reduces the need to eat consistently per day. 

There are no reported major side effects for Guarana, except for slight jitters. Overall, it is considered safe for the population. However, those with heart conditions are advised to use caution with this stimulant as it can worsen symptoms due to the large amount of caffeine it contains. Also, if you experience major heart palpitations, stop drinking the product and see a doctor immediately. Other than that, guarana is one of the safest stimulants to consume!

The benefits of guarana have yet to reach worldwide knowledge, except for North and South America. Some believe that once it does become mainstream, it could be known as the next Red Bull. Guarana is a healthy alternative to caffeine and xenedrine and is sure to be making a huge statement across the world in a matter of years!

If you are specifically looking for guarana health benefits, it is important to take it in moderation and make sure your guarana is sourced from a natural location. Organic is best. It is typically only grown in south america. We have had the chance to try the product listed below and think it is really great. Give it a shot if you are looking to add a little boost to your day. (Also can be used as a pre-workout in moderation).


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